Amigo Mobility International

Our parent company, Amigo Mobility International, Inc, has a story of their beginning 50 years ago with a solution to a family member’s struggles with mobility.

When a loved one began to lose mobility due to multiple sclerosis, Al Thieme worked to create an innovative form of mobility. Al went on to invent the first ever power operated vehicle/mobility cart — the Amigo.

Named for being the “friendly wheelchair,” Al met with disability organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society explaining the Amigo’s benefits and functionality. Consequently, Amigo Mobility International, Inc. was founded on November 12, 1968 and an entire industry was born.

The first Amigo mobility cart went into production and over time Al’s power operated vehicle design developed from household usage to the well-known shopping cart, then on to an outdoor rear-drive model, a lightweight folding model and, most recently, a material handling cart. Wherever the need presents itself, Amigo Mobility International, Inc. strives to ease mobility issues so that everyone may live their best life.

Along the way we started filling in with other durable medical equipment to make sure we could help our customers find exactly what they need to keep them moving by creating our Amigo Mobility Center locations in the late 80’s. Our mobility centers continue to offer personal service and direction for those looking for solutions, just as Al did over 50 years ago.

Mission & Values

Founded with the mission of Improving Lives Through Mobility®, Amigo is a family owned and operated business. Al continues to run the company, alongside his wife Beth Thieme, and a talented team of employees. Every Amigo continues to be manufactured at our Michigan headquarters and is shipped worldwide. We believe in:

  • Finding a better way
  • Doing the right thing
  • Looking to the next 50 years
  • Caring for customers and co-workers like family

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