Amigo RD

“It’s not a scooter, it’s an Amigo.”
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The Amigo RD has the combination of power and design, which allows to easily maneuver throughout your home. Known for its ruggedness and longevity, the Amigo RD is a go-anywhere solution.

Amigo RD Specifications

  • Rear drive
  • Travel surfaces: indoor/outdoor surfaces
  • Battery capacity: 35 miles
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Speed: 0-5.9 MPH
  • Rear wheel width: 23”
  • Length: 45.5”
  • Turning radius: 35”
  • 3.4” ground clearance
  • On-board charger
  • Adjustable tiller handle
  • 360-degree swivel seat rotation



Color Options


*Additional features include power seat lift, tail light bar and upgraded seating options for an additional cost

Amigo TravelMate

Amigo RT Express

Amigo VIVA

Amigo HD

Did you know you can get your Amigo custom painted?

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